I found my passion for creating art when I was only
eight years old; flipping through my dog-eared comics
I aspired to one day tell such amazing tales through
my own illustrations. In the classroom back then, the
popular thing to do was draw superheroes, and so
driven by the fiercely unwavering competition of my
fellow classmates (and navigating my tight drawing
schedule around those pesky multiplication tests), I
worked hard to make my art the best it could be.
My friends would often work with me to come up with
new superheroes, buying commissioned pictures of
their custom spandex-clad heroes from me, and I quickly learned that
to win that precious lunch money over the dessert of the day I'd have
to not only provide exactly what they were looking for but also exceed
all their expectations under a very tight deadline: recess.

My professional career began in 2003 while I was pursuing my fine arts
education at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA. Not content with
the painting and anatomy courses I was taking, I set out to obtain
professional freelance work, both to expand my portfolio as well as
challenge and develop the skills necessary for a career as a Concept
Artist. My first professional gig involved doing design, cover, and
interior illustration for tabletop miniature wargames, working closely
with the design teams to conceptualize and illustrate the fantastic
worlds they had developed.

I spent the next few years taking on a wide range of challenging
freelance work, including character, creature, and environmental
concept design, commissioned illustration work, and website
construction, all the while honing my skills in the classroom. I focused
on strengthening my traditional skills in life drawing and painting,
producing a number of gallery works in the process. In May of 2007, I
graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting, and
afterwards spent over a year developing my skills and taking on
more challenging work. In September of 2008, I accepted a job as a
Concept and UI Artist for Dream Forge Entertainment, where I used
concept and environment paintings, as well as graphic design work, to
help establish the look and feel of three shipped titles (Doom Rails,
Rowtopia, and Friends vs. Missiles).

My second job was as an Associate Concept Artist at CCP Games,
where I produced highly-detailed character, creature, and environment
art that guided the visual direction of a gritty urban world for the
horror MMO World of Darkness. I also had the great opportunity to
design environment and prop assets for the shipped Incarna
expansion of EVE:Online.

Presently, I'm working as a full-time freelancer, taking on a wide
range of new and challenging work in books, film, comics, and
video games.